Alguses oli... kaos ja kultuur.
Seejärel tulid graafikud, kümne piiris liitmine ja lahutamine,
talse, helibor, talibor,
kredit, debit, majandusnäitajad,
ülikonnad, lipsunõelad, kuldsed mansetinööbid, keemiline puhastus, etniline puhastus, recycling,
äripäev, sirp ja vasar, asotsiaalid, keskklass, sotsiaalmaksud, haigekassa, kindlustus, faktid... reaalsus.

-- Seemik
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 Released jQuery.viewSource, a HTML source viewer plugin. See here.

sbClient 2.23

 A minor change to sbClient.

Some script updates

 Updated dlFilter, sbClient, pmBlocker, dlTracker and BookHelp - i.e. the scripts that check version using http. Naturally they still pointed to my old website - but no other changes.

A brand new website

 A brand new website! New address, new provider, new platform, new design, new... everything! Some things may still need little tweaking and fiddling, though. Also, I hadn't realized how many things I've created and never released - I'd better start releasing them slowly...

Updated version of English-Estonian-English dictionary

 A new version of the English-Estonian-English dictionary - faster, user-friendlier and more, see it in action here or read more about it here (in Estonian).

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